Thermal Assisted Dissolver Drainage ("TADD"™)
Technology Overview

TADD™ Technology is a thermal (cyclic steam) based technology designed specifically for heavy oil reserves with thin pay zones (less than 15 meters). TADD™ incorporates a huff and puff process that involves injecting steam, proprietary dissolvers and CO2 in a pre-defined order and blend to optimise current production by reducing near wellbore viscosity allowing for improved formation conditions. TADD™ can be incorporated for depths that range from 600 meters to 1500 meters and delivers an efficient Steam to Oil Ratio (SOR) of 2.0. Favourable economics compared to alternative production methodologies such as SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) with an SOR of 4.0+. ( SOR is defined as 2.0 bbls of water converted to steam to produce 1 bbl of oil.)

Process is effective with super heavy oil deeper than 1,000 m.

Proprietary blends of dissolvers with CO2 optimise the effect of steam injection in decreasing oil viscosity.

TADD™ Technology was originally developed for the Shenglin Oilfield in China. EHR has been working with the technology developers and has assimilated the technology for application in the heavy oil fields of Western Canada.

EHR is providing the necessary technical services and project
management expertise to advance oil production opportunities.

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