The Solvent Assisted CO2 + Water "(SACW)"
Technology Overview

Current heavy oil production technologies such as SAGD are limited in their capability to produce thin pay zones which constitute a significant percentage of Canada’s heavy oil reserves.

EHR has undertaken significant evaluation and development to provide a comprehensive service offering to model recovery potential of specific reservoirs and oil type through the formulation and application of these advanced solvents incorporating a cyclic CO2 and water drive process.

This EHR SACW Program is currently injecting CO2 mixed with hydrocarbon solvents through an injection well that will reduce the viscosity of the heavy oil to increase the mobility of that oil for production.

Benefits and Utilization:

To reduce oil viscosity dramatically by combining CO2 + solvent(s)

To inject water for displacing the dilute oil out from the formation

To store a certain amount of CO2 underground

The SACW technology will target thin pay zone heavy oil reservoirs where thermal methods are not effective.

EHR is providing the necessary technical services and project
management expertise to advance oil production opportunities.

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