Dr. Tony Yang – Project Lead

Ph.D., Petroleum Systems Engineering, University of Regina, Canada
Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, University of Petroleum, China
B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of Petroleum, China

Dr. Yang has expertise and hands-on experience in CO2 EOR and storage, reservoir modelling and simulation, production optimization, artificial lift methods, interfacial interactions in EOR processes, and heavy oil recovery. He has worked as a production engineer for the PetroChina TuHa Oilfield Company, and as a reservoir engineer for the Software Development and Information Centre of Petroleum Engineering, CNPC. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the China University of Petroleum and a Ph.D. Degree in Petroleum Systems Engineering from the University of Regina, respectively. He has authored and co-authored over 50 refereed journal papers and conference papers. He is an active member of the Petroleum Society of CIM, SPE, and APEGS and is a registered Professional Engineer in Saskatchewan, Canada
Director of Technology Development.

Over the past 4 years Dr. Yang has been working with EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Inc., extensively developing commercial opportunities pertaining to CO2 capture, EOR and storage in Asia, especially China. At present, Dr. Yang is formally engaging in formal consultancy with the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED) and Jilin Oilfield, CNPC, and presents to CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC on CO2 EOR optimization. He is also involved with the coal industry developing Enhanced Coal bed Methane recovery technologies. Dr Yang is Faculty and Chairman of Petroleum Systems Engineering (University of Regina) and his present duties include conducting research on integrated modelling and optimization of CO2 EOR and storage processes under uncertainty, as well as performing studies on the optimization of reservoir performance in a CO2 flooding process under uncertainty. He is also conducting the investigation of the three phase relative permeability relation in CO2-oil-water systems for light and heavy oil reservoirs and developing production operation methods for deep heavy oil reservoirs.

Graeme Lynch – Director Commercial Activities

Graeme Lynch has 25 years of senior international corporate experience in both private and publically listed organizations, most notably new venture companies with an emphasis on technology commercialization. He has extensive experience financing company growth, managing merger, acquisition and divestment initiatives. Recent appointments have seen Mr Lynch as the Chief Executive Officer of EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Inc. developing and commercializing advanced oil recovery technologies and the Chief Commercial Officer with HTC Purenergy Inc, an energy technology company developing and delivering carbon clear solutions to international markets.

Mr Lynch is a graduate of Auckland University, in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance and Business Administration

EHR is providing the necessary technical services and project
management expertise to advance oil production opportunities.

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